Individual Leadership at Shearin Group Training Services

Individual Leadership program strengthens the belief that each tier of supervisors is called upon to create an environment where people realize what is expected of them. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively with their team, make sure that they are involved in the decision-making process, and they take accountability for the tasks entrusted to them. Based on this shared responsibility and accountability, observable increase in productivity is attained.


The program is a hands-on program that aims to ensure that your Supervisors gain not only management skills but leadership abilities that inspire others achieve their highest potential.


The program’s objectives are:


- Enhance profitability and results.

- Encourage people, develop workplace satisfaction.

- Improve teamwork.

- Improve levels of target achievement.

- Mitigate conflict, lack of discipline and crisis management.

- Be among more than 2500 supervisors who have finished the program in the last 16 years!


Program Description:


This is a participative and practical supervisory development training program that develops qualities and traits that will produce an effective and successful front-line leader. Train your Supervisors to really “lead – not just manage” and see how your organization can attain greater levels of achievement.


Primary Advantages to the Organization:


- Improved teamwork.

- Enhanced productivity and results.

- Greatly inspired people.

- People taking on personal responsibility and accountability.

- Effective communication.

- Reduced conflict.

- Lesser performance and discipline issues.

- Less crisis management.

- Increased levels of attainment of targets.


Primary Advantages to the Individual:


- Improved overall management skills.

- Improved individual time management.

- More effective communication and coaching abilities.

- Having more sense in control.

- Reduced stress.

- Greater confidence.

- Greater empathy and understanding of people.